Where Can I Find a Reliable Supplier?

I began in the wholesale business in 1991. After a long 10 years of minimal profits and many setbacks I feel I have earned my PhD in Hardknocks.

It wasn’t until 2001 that I began a 9 year profitable stretch which I am still going strong.

But, I would recommend against anyone jumping into this business totally blind (unless you have 10 years and a lot of money to waste).

Today, information is both more accessible and complete. Do your homework, and you increase your odds 99% toward success.

First and foremost- Consider your source when being “recommended” a supplier.

Advice is just that, ‘advice’ nothing more, nothing less. Following that advice is a decision only you can make and only you are responsible for.

In 1991, my best friend introduced me to a business called Amway. ( 3 months later she was an ex-friend) enough said about that route.

Then another friend talked me into the SMC program. (my list of ex-friends began growing)

I am not saying these are bad directions to go (lawyer advises against that), it just wasn’t a direction right for me.

Next, I found a local wholesaler and tried supplying small mom and pop businesses. But quickly noticed MY supplier already had those businesses wrapped up but failed to mention that while I was buying his products! So I tried selling/supplying at the flea markets. Made some money, but it was seasonal and hardly enough to support myself.

After 2 more years of the flea market route, yet another friend made a suggestion (at this point I wasn’t sure if I could afford to lose anymore friends, but I listened anyways.) She has a small shop and offered me about 20% of the shelf space if I wanted to sell in her store on consignment. This proved more profitable than the flea market as I was paying her only 25% of the sale price. I began talking with other consignment shops and in 1 year I had my items in 7 shops in the county.

I began think how much I was buying every month and thought about my supplier. ‘If he had 50 buyers like me, he must be rich’ I thought. I knew he bought directly from the factories, so I decided to see how difficult that would be. To my surprise, factories were very eager to sell directly to me, although their minimal order was much higher than I expected. This is where the nightmare begins.

My first overseas order was for some childrens shoes. I really thought $1.25 a pair seemed too cheap, but after they explained how they produce millions every month, they can sell at that price easily. I sent the money by (not permitted to post name of this most common money transferring company) as they requested. I waited the 90 days, as they had told me shipment to the East coast requires much more time. (made sense to me). 90 days past and I had not received anything. I waited another week and called them again. They said the records show it will arrive at my home in 3 days. 3 days later nothing. I called again. The number was no longer in service.

In the end, I lost $2,500.00 and almost 4 months. No one could help me here, and I didn’t know how to get help from their country. This was the first of several ‘issues’ trying to import.

In part 2 I will explain how I have learned to over come the risk involved in importing from abroad and finding a reliable supplier.

Where Can I Find an Auto Accident Attorney to Help Me?

If you figured in an auto accident, you might want to first contact an auto accident attorney before anything else. It would be best if you keep your lips sealed, saying nothing to anyone and signing nothing as well, until you have found an auto car accident lawyer to consult. This is imperative as doing so could very well mean the thin line between getting your injury compensation claim and getting nothing at all.

The late great Benjamin Franklin founded the modern insurance industry in the United States to protect people from any untoward accident and give them the means to recover from their losses should any worse case happen. The sad reality, however, paints a gruesome picture: For the last twenty years or so, insurance have been exploited in many big companies what with insurers denying any claim by finding legal means available to cut into the claims. The best way to fight this insurance tyranny and win at it is to find a competent auto accident attorney to represent your case.

A competent vehicular accident attorney shouldn’t be difficult to come across with. A competent vehicular accident lawyer is someone who knows how the nitty-gritty of the entire corporate insurance works. More often than not, a qualified and competent vehicular accident lawyer has a sizable experience working in the insurance industry itself, thereby assuring you that he knows the legal aspect of car accidents as well as the intricacies and implications that come with these cases. As such, you have the confidence that while an ordinary person can easily get screwed by these predatory insurance agents and companies, you have the legal expertise of a Seattle auto accident attorney to back you up.

While a qualified and competent car accident lawyer is only expected to have a sufficient knowledge and experience regarding auto accident law and cases, most of the Seattle car accident lawyers are also knowledgeable about personal injury cases. This is because being a victim of a car accident, one usually also gets injured in the process and in so doing, becomes a personal injury victim as well.

Having said that, one can only expect that, indeed, a vehicular accident lawyer surely possesses a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to handling this type of cases as well as personal injury claims. This lengthy training plus a comprehensive exposure to various car accident cases makes your chances of claiming the compensation from auto accident injuries more probable than when you have handled your auto accident situation alone.

Where Can I Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer, She Asked

Today more than ever the citizens are in dire straights, as the mortgage crisis continues folks are worried about losing their homes, of course, they have also been charging their lifestyle via their credit cards at 22%. The price of food and gasoline have skyrocketed and with the economy on a negative growth to zero growth space on the charts business is slow, meaning more lay-offs and job losses.

To make matters worse many consumers have tighten their belts and stopped spending, thus, retail sales, travel, and services are hurting and that means it’s a tough time for small businesses, which have gone into crisis mode, some closing their doors and going out of business. So, I guess no one should be surprised that bankruptcies have also shot up like a rocket. Not long ago, I was at Starbucks overhearing a couple of folks talking and one asked;

Where can I find a good bankruptcy lawyer?”

The other person said;

Ha ha ha, a ‘good bankruptcy lawyer’ now, ha ha ha, they don’t exist, there is no such thing!”

I laughed so hard my Frappachino almost ended up on the floor, but he did have a point, as there is nothing good about bankruptcy it would seem and finding a good lawyer who charges you to ruin your life is not so great.

Still the question was rather intriguing and basically confirms that the increase in bankruptcies is not slowing down, right now in 2008 it is up over 40% from last year, which was up 150% from the year before. And heck, we are only at the bottom of this financial crisis, so we have a ways to go and the bankruptcy lawyers are loving it. They are charging more, have more clients and there is no end in sight right now. Think on this.